Our brand vision

We believe skincare doesn't have to be complicated to be effective.
So we are keeping our ingredients simple, natural and transparent.

Sourcing 100% natural, organic ingredients, we want to ensure that we are keeping our impact on the environment as low as possible.

Meet the founder

"nothing is as important as my daughter's skin"
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With three girls in our household, the number of toiletries was increasing faster than my daughters were turning into fully-fledged teenagers. Our plastic consumption and amount of products in our bathrooms was overwhelming. Surely, we don't need all these products, particularly when the product results are negligible.

Alongside the mountain of plastics, my eldest daughter started to struggle with eczema and contact dermatitis. Her teenage ventures into makeup and skincare only exasperated her problem. Every product purchased had a list of ingredients I either didn't understand or couldn't tell what they were. Surprisingly most of them contained water as the main ingredient!

Turning to mother nature.

Like an ancient Apothecary, my research into natural remedies started. Astounded by the benefits of these age-old super-oils, my daughters and I began our own human testing! Between us covering a range of skin needs from dermatitis, sensitivity, acne and mature skin.

The results were incredible and only kept improving over time. My daughters skin no longer reliant on medicated creams and with my skin visibly glowing, my friends began asking for bottles of my magic formula, Apothecary & me was born.

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Finally, the bathroom is less cluttered, we use less plastic, and my family (including my husband!) have a harmonious skin regime. Mother nature has a way of healing everything. Now, she can be your skin saviour as well as our family's.

Anita Robinson