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Natural Health Beauty Awards 2021 Finalist, sensitive skincare range, best body oil, scent of the year
finalist in Natural Health Beauty Awards 2021


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Masks used to be fun, didn't they?

masquerade ball anyone?

maybe not anymore. 2020 saw our lives dramatically changed, a year on and one of the most visible changes was the rapid adoption of face mask wearing to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

as many of us moved from paper masks to bespoke ones in a fabric of our choice, as we now added ‘mask’ to the list of items we needed before we left the house, our poor skin started to suffer and ‘maskne’ reared its ugly head … or should that be redness, dryness, spots and pimples. but fear not, the Apothecary & me illuminate oil is ready to defeat your maskne outbreak.

maskne is not a new phenomenon and has been suffered by those who wear masks for their job roles, such as medical staff, for years.

it is gaining coverage now because more and more of us are experiencing it as a result of COVID and with secondary schools in the UK requesting that students wear masks in the classroom when social distancing cannot be achieved, the problem is only likely to worsen. problematic teenage skin and a skin covering on top is not a healthy combination. so how can we keep our skin and our children's skin as healthy as possible?

how to prevent maskne?

We all know that prevention is better than cure so here are some ideas on how you can prevent maskne in the first place or, if you’re already suffering from it, steps you can take from now on to stop it becoming more aggravated.

  • try to wear a clean mask every time you go out and wash them at high temperatures to limit the spread of bacteria.  
  • don’t wear too many skincare products which are thick in consistency underneath your mask - they may clog your pores
  • do wear a lightweight, easily absorbed moisturiser as it will act as a barrier between your skin and the mask fabric. illuminate face oil is perfect for this.
  • try not to wear too much makeup.
  • after wearing a mask outside, cleanse your face if you can. this will remove any bacteria, sweat and dirt which were trapped on your skin behind the mask. 
  • use clean bamboo pads each time – put them in the wash after every use and wash on a high temperature, with your mask! 
  • cleanse your face every night, to ensure your skin is clear of bacteria and your skin can breathe and repair overnight.
  • if wearing masks for a prolonged periond, ie at school or work all day, try and change to a clean mask half way through your day

so if you’ve been wondering why your skin has been behaving differently, maskne may be the reason. whether you’re a teen wearing masks more frequently at school these days or someone like us that has to wear them every now and then, we recommend using illuminate face oil as a cleanser with our bamboo pads (they come in packs of 12 so there should always be a clean one between laundry washes!) and as a moisturiser.

how to treat maskne

one of the reasons that we originally created the illuminate face oil was to help my daughter’s skin. she suffered from contact dermatitis and we invested a lot of time researching a variety of natural oils and their qualities to create a skincare product that would heal but yet cleanse and moisturise her skin at the same time.

And it’s this very recipe which is also perfect for the treatment of maskne
and many other facial skin conditions.

illuminate face oil contains jojoba oil which is an absolute wonder! it is moisturising but doesn’t clog pores whilst also being anti-bacterial. it is bursting with antioxidants and importantly, great on sensitive skin. it will ease rather than exacerbate irritated skin.

alongside jojoba oil is argan oil which has made a real name for itself in hair care but it can do so much more. like jojoba, it’s very close to our skin’s natural sebum and it actually reduces oiliness making it great for the treatment of spots and acne.

lastly, although both oils contain vitamin E, we’ve added some more! you can never have too much and it’s another antioxidant – ideal for treating problematic skin. so, in a nutshell, here’s why illuminate face oil works to combat maskne:

  • it doesn’t contain water or any skincare ‘additives’. it is simply a combination of 99% organic super-oils which take your skin back to nature. 
  • illuminate face oil is antibacterial and anti-fungicidal, both of which really help to limit acne breakouts and soothe the skin. 
  • easily absorbed and deeply moisturising without clogging pores. The skin is left clear and glowing. 
  • anti-inflammatory and soothing, fantastic for combatting redness and irritation. 
  • illuminate face oil is a 3 in 1 product so you don’t need many other products in your skincare routine which might compromise the health of your skin. Keep it simple is our tip! 
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masks are unlikely to go away quickly. some people will continue to wear them even when life returns to ‘normal’ (we hear they may be good for combatting hay fever, for example) to protect themselves against bugs and so it’s a good idea to start a healthy skin routine now.

we can’t wait for the day when the word mask returns to conjuring up images of fancy dress parties and being silly! In the meantime, wear your face mask when required, stay safe - the end is in sight!

anita robinson 24.3.21